My name is Dimitris P. Magemeneas and creating “The Five P’s” system is a way to use my God-given skills towards the betterment of society. I am driven by a spiritual calling to accomplish this mission.


My career background is as an industrial engineer, a financial advisor, a wealth manager, and a professor. I’ve earned a living in all four fields, but it’s the most recent one — teaching college students — that has inspired me to put my ideas into action. My purpose is not fame or fortune, but rather to share my knowledge to help more people.

My current occupation is being a wealth manager for a few dozen families. I’m effective in providing comprehensive, actionable advice. This often means educating and encouraging my clients to take actions that they might not do otherwise. But in this role, I only help a relatively small number of people. I realize that by publishing a book — a book unique in the world of finance — I can reach a larger audience.

I sense a gap in the personal financial advice market that needs to be filled. There is an urgent need for a new platform that helps self-motivated learners to achieve financial success, first by educating them on valuable money concepts and strategies, and then by guiding them with a detailed step-by-step system to structure their efforts.

You need current cash flow for immediate, everyday expenses, but you should also create savings for future spending needs. Many people never learn enough about the importance of savings for financial security.

Saving money is not an end in itself — and acquiring money for its own sake will not necessarily bring happiness. We should neither worship money, nor stockpile it just to admire our account balances. Rather, we should strive to create financial harmony in our lives, balancing the need for spending today with the desire for security tomorrow.

A lack of money can ruin lives; and not having enough money makes life harder. On the other hand, having a lot of money doesn’t always solve all problems. It can create new ones. High income does not assure long-term financial success. For example, a majority of professional athletes and lottery winners become bankrupt within five years of their financial windfalls. That tragic result is mostly due to a lack of financial literacy.

A healthy attitude about money helps to create a responsible relationship with money management. The way to start achieving long-term financial success is to match your lifestyle to your current earning ability, while saving and planning for the future.

My intention with publishing this system is to help many people to improve their money-related habits. By doing so, these new habits can prevent money problems and improve lives.